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Transform Immigration Practice with AI

08th Jan 2023

As immigration law becomes increasingly complex, it is crucial for attorneys and firms to have the tools necessary to provide the best possible services to their clients. Visas.AI is an artificial intelligence powered platform designed to help attorneys streamline the process of creating strategic visa cases for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). With features such as an AI guide, a database of immigration knowledge, and the ability to build authority-based briefs, Visas.AI helps attorneys save time, make informed decisions, and identify and address potential issues in visa cases. Additionally, Visas.AI can detect and assist with addressing Request for Evidence (RFE) issues, ultimately improving approval ratings and helping attorneys win more cases.

And that goes to say — If you are an immigration attorney or firm, it’s important to stay ahead of the game and provide the best possible services for your clients. That’s where Visas.AI comes in. Our artificial intelligence powered platform empowers attorneys to create more strategic visa cases for the USCIS, ultimately helping them to win more cases and provide better services to their clients.

One of the key features of Visas.AI is our AI guide, Ovie. Ovie helps attorneys by taking on administrative tasks, freeing up their time to focus on more important aspects of their cases. Our platform was designed to reduce the time and number of people involved in producing visas, making the process more efficient and streamlined.

In addition to saving time on administrative tasks, Visas.AI also helps attorneys reduce the time spent on research. Our platform suggests winning strategies from its database of immigration knowledge, empowering attorneys to make informed decisions and build strong cases.

But Visas.AI isn’t just about saving time and making the process more efficient. Our AI platform also helps attorneys identify potential issues in visa cases and suggests solutions. Our strategy questions help attorneys to anticipate and address problems before they become major obstacles in their cases.

Another key feature of Visas.AI is our ability to help attorneys build authority-based briefs instead of cover letters, instantly. Our briefs layout the right regulations, memos, AAO, and federal case law for your initial petition, reducing the likelihood of receiving RFEs and improving approval ratings.

In summary, Visas.AI is a valuable resource for immigration attorneys and firms looking to improve their practice and provide better services to their clients. With its ability to address RFE issues upfront and assist with identifying and addressing potential issues in visa cases, Visas.AI can help attorneys win more cases and stay ahead of the competition. By streamlining the process and providing helpful resources such as an AI guide and a database of immigration knowledge, Visas.AI empowers attorneys to focus on the most important aspects of their cases. Give Visas.AI a try and experience the difference it can make in your practice.